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Fantastic Tabletop Roleplaying loot delivered right to your castle steps!
Members will receive a monthly RPG Crate which may include up to a dozen different products; full modules, shirts, maps, dice, miniatures, exclusive adventure settings, and other game treasures.


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$29.89 / Month

Adventure in a crate every month, up to 10 items, PLUS you receive 10% off all One-Time purchases in the Shop (link above).

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Add a Wyrmwood Dice Vault - Lottery style Rare Wood - up to $125 retail value.  Blue Mahoe at Red Oak pricing could be yours!

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I was unsure what to expect and was not let down at all. The dice were nice quality, the books were amazing, and I can't wait to run the adventures! I am looking forward to the next one. "

Chris J.

"This is EXACTLY what gamers needed - a fantastic idea!"

William G.

" I can not think of anything that could improve this product. I was sitting on the edge of my seat the entire time I was waiting for it. I can say that it was worth every penny. "

Edward L.

You've discovered treasure!

Initiative Bonus

There just isn't enough time in the day to fully prepare for a game.  We provide exactly what you need to bring adventure back to your game and give back precious time.

Epic Level Perception

We search the world for finely crafted modules; bringing together old school, new school, indie, and mainstream publishers - products ready for your tabletop.

Master Craftsmen

We gather the finest craftsmen in the land and commission them to create fantastic artifacts, wonderous relics, and the most amazing items exclusively for you.

Claim your destiny!

Join now and choose a path to adventure you won't regret!  When your treasure crate arrives; don't delay, open it and sing a song of tribute for all to hear! 

Consult the Sages

How often will I receive treasure?

Each month order by the 14th and it ships on the 15th (ish).  All Re-Bills are on the 25th.

Is it only fantasy?

Each month we will feature a new theme based on roleplaying settings such as Dragons, Undead, Vampires, etc.  Occasionally we will have non-fantasy themes, but most months will be based on traditional fantasy roleplaying.

What's in the crate?

We will focus on modules, adventure settings, maps, art, and gaming accessories and new Tales From the Bloody Bucket (our exclusive Adventure Setting).  Every crate will have exclusive content created and distributed ONLY by RPGCrate, some old school (OSR) material, and/or master crafted relics.  Dice, Miniatures, t-shirts, and other items are also possible.