Frequently Asked Questions

What is RPGCrate?

A monthly membership box for tabletop roleplay games.  Each month members receive a box of treasure.  The staples of the box include a shirt, three adventure cards, a MonsterLore card, a DungeonLore card, a Recipe for Adventure card, a module or book, and a surprise accessory (either a miniature or dice or other procured item).

Is everything tied together?

All of the RPGCrate exclusive material is written and designed to work together, in concert, utilizing a central theme.  For example, the MonsterLore card features a creature from the Adventure Cards.  The Initiative Tracker matches the MonsterLore Card.  The DungeonLore card explores a challenge or trap within the adventure, and the miniatures make an appearance as well.  Everything is tied together or thematically relevant to that month's feature.

What system?

A lot of the content is system neutral and can be used in any campaign.  The modules and cards are 5th Edition Compatible.  The adventure cards have 5th Edition Stats, but we call them 5th Edition Light because they can easily be converted to other systems.

How does shipping and re-billing work?

We ship at (or near) the end of the month.  All re-billings occur on the 1st of the month.  If you join BEFORE the 20th of the month, you will be charged right away, and you will receive your first box at the end of that month.  You will then be charged again on the following 1st for next month's box.  However, if you order AFTER the 20th, you will be charged right away, and your first box will ship at the END of the NEXT month.  All memberships are re-billed on the 1st of the month.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership by logging into your account and making the changes there.  For security purposes, we do not make account changes via email or social media requests.

Can I start RPGCrate anytime?

All of the Adventure cards are written as both one-shot AND in series, so you can start anytime.  You can also purchase past crates and previous adventure cards and start from the very beginning of any season.

What exactly is a Season, and how does it work?

RPGCrate adventures are written as a full one-year Seasonal Campaign, taking a group of adventurers, one month at a time, from 1st to 12th Level.  Each month's adventures are designed to contain at least three sessions of 2-4 hours each.  Mileage may vary, but some DMs report easily 12-14 hours of gameplay per box.  Season One, titled Tales From the Bloody Bucket, started in August 2016 and ended July 2017.  Each subsequent season runs from August to July.  As of this writing, we're in Season Four which will conclude July 2020.

Why don't you have CR or Experience listed?

The average level of the encounters is listed on each Adventure card, and the critters are designed to challenge a balanced group of that level.  We recommend Chapter Based experience rewards.  Each adventure card has victory conditions in the Adventure section, so each character should be granted one level gain by the end of that month's adventures, assuming they succeeded.  When the next RPGCrate arrives, the party will be prepared for the next level of challenges.

Are you ready to join the party?

There just isn't enough time in the day to fully prepare for a game.  We provide everything you need to bring adventure back to your game and give back precious time.