How It Works

When you sign up for RPGCrate, every month you will receive a box of tabletop roleplaying treasure of everything you need to run a fantastic campaign: an exclusive RPGCrate Shirt, a module, 3 Adventure cards, a Recipe For Adventure card, a MonsterLore card, a DungeonLore card, an Initiative Tracker, and at least one bonus accessory such as a miniature or dice.

Step 1

Select your Armor

The Critical Hit box comes with a shirt every month.  Select the appropriate size and protect yourself from wandering monsters.

Step 2

Visit the Merchant

Add the previous month's box or a complete set of the Adventure Cards from a past Season.

Step 3

Open the Treasure!

Open your RPGCrate and share evenings of adventure with friends.  Spread the word on social media using  #RPGCrate

Are you ready to join the party?

There isn't always enough time in the day to fully prepare for a game.  We provide everything you need to bring adventure to your table with ease and give back precious time.