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#20 Mar 2018 - Adventures on the Open Road


Product Description

Adventures on the Open Road (Mar 2018)
"Characters enjoying downtime at the Bloody Bucket in Three Rivers Ford witness Tog, the cook of the famed Inn, receive an unexpected package. Tog asks the characters to escort him to Margrave so he can handle some family business. Travel isn’t always safe for a half-orc alone on the road.."

This month features a full size 3 page GM Screen, with color maps, additional adventure tables, awesome NPCs and new artifacts. On the player side is a beautiful picture of a huge Orc & Goblin war: featured art by Chet Minton.
- OR08A Brother's Keeper
- OR08B Undercover in Highmore
- OR08C Forest Camp

Adventures on the Open Road is a 5th Edition compatible adventure series designed for a group of 4 characters averaging 1-13th level.

* RPGCrate Adventures are written as a serialized story arc, but each card can also be played as a drop-in scenario for a single session. You can play them in series as a year-long campaign, taking a group of characters from 1st to 13th level, or you can use them as stand-alone hooks and side-quests. Every Adventure Card includes maps, stats, and encounters – fully designed for immediate use!

* RPGCrate Adventure Cards are full size 8.5” x 11”, printed on high-density card stock, the cards are full color (front and back) and treated with an aqueous coating making them dry erase compatible, spill resistant, and very durable. Designed for adventure and designed to last!

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