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Season 3 Adventure Cards


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Ancient Legends
"Abbey had no way of knowing how Darron fared on his quest, though she daily prayed for his success. Sadly, sorrow came calling anyway. Her child was born bearing the seafallen curse. Now the colossal Zaratan has awakened and threatens not only Abbey and her child but all of Covington Cove. The locket Abbey gave her love, recently found in Nightmire, confirms her fears. Not only has she lost him, but her child is doomed as well unless someone takes up the quest he failed."

This pack includes all of the Adventures Cards and GM Screens from RPGCrate Season Three - Ancient Legends.

- 36 Adventure Cards
- Two GM Screens (Three Page Gate Folded)
- 110+ Creature Variant Stat Blocks (5th Edition Compatible)

* RPGCrate Adventures are written as a serialized story arc, but each card can also be played as a drop-in scenario for a single session. You can play them in series as a year-long campaign, taking a group of characters from 1st to 10th level, or you can use them as stand-alone hooks and side-quests. Every Adventure Card includes maps, stats, and encounters – fully designed for immediate use!

* RPGCrate Adventure Cards are full size 8.5” x 11”, printed on high-density card stock, the cards are full color (front and back) and treated with an aqueous coating making them dry erase compatible, spill resistant, and very durable. Designed for adventure and designed to last!

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