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Recipes For Adventure Set 1


Product Description

Recipes For Adventure - Set 1
"Nothing is better, after a long day running for your life from a lion pride, than sitting down at your own campfire."

This is a collection of the first 25 Recipe Cards (#1-25) that were originally included in the RPGCrate monthly boxes. Each card includes a simple yet tasty recipe easily prepared and presented to players. On the front is a real recipe with a humorous fantasy twist, and on the back is an encounter and map related to the ingredients.

* Recipe For Adventure Cards are 4” x 6”, printed on card stock, full color (front and back) and treated with an aqueous coating making them dry erase compatible, spill resistant, and very durable. Designed for adventure and designed to last!

* These come shrink-wrapped inside a 4" x 6" leatherette box. We add a layer of pick&pluck DragonFoam for that added level of armor. You never know what wandering monsters may be encountered in route.

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