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Recipe For Adventure: Lost Tomes of Culinary Arts


Product Description

"Immerse your players in an adventure of taste, smell, and fantasy role-play, bringing together and blending the love of food and gaming into one incredibly memorable experience."

A pack of 30 brand new, previously un-released Recipe Cards from the Lost Tomes of Culinary Arts Kickstarter. These were never included in the RPGCrate monthly boxes.

On the front of each card is a real recipe with a humorous fantasy twist, and on the back is a challenge and/or a monster with 5e slim-stats and an encounter map where the characters can find some of the ingredients for the recipe. 5th Edition compatible. We designed these to be short, sweet, and to the point. Usable as a drop-in encounter in between adventures or as a sideline excursion, the scenarios can be quickly resolved with a few dice rolls or a short role-play session..

* Recipe For Adventure Cards are 4” x 6”, printed on card stock, full color (front and back) and treated with an aqueous coating making them dry erase compatible, spill resistant, and very durable. Designed for adventure and designed to last!

* These come shrink-wrapped inside a 4" x 6" leatherette box, mailed in a bubble lined 6x9 envelope.

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