RPGCrate - What's Inside

What's Inside?

Search for traps and see what treasure awaits!

"So much treasure..."

Each month will feature up to a dozen different products ranging from dice and miniatures to full length adventures and books.  Additionally, each month will include exclusive Adventure Settings released as "Tales from the Bloody Bucket".


The Gift of Adventure

All the adventure you could ever dream of delivered to your door monthly. Save for yourself, share with your friends, or give a  gift to a loved one!


Need more reasons to sign up?

It takes a lot of time to find quality games at a good price.  We have collectively over 100 years of gaming experience in house, and we know what it takes to bring quality adventure to your table.

The gaming community has been great to us.  We've made a lot of friends over the years, and it’s time to give back. It’s time to build a legacy…and solve an age old problem that has plagued the gaming industry for years. It’s time to bridge a gap between small press, indie game developers, and their audience.

Through your purchase, we can create a mechanism that allows the game writers, producers, and artists to get their content in front of you.  We're not talking about just hacked up junk.  We're talking legit content presented exactly how you need it, efficiently, right in front of you to hold and use immediately.